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Mauricio Ortiz
Chief of the Income Branch
Mauricio Ortiz
Mauricio Ortiz has spent his 18 year career as an economist in the Regional Income Division (RID) of the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) working on state and county estimates of personal income and employment. His first 15 years were spent in the Compensation Branch of RID working on the compensation portions of personal income. The last three years he has been branch chief of the Income Branch of RlD working on the non-compensation portions of personal income and the state quarterly personal income estimates. As of December 17, 2012 he is the chief of the Regional Income Division; the 5th chief in the history of the division.
Recently, he helped oversee efforts to successfully accelerate the release of all local area personal income and employments estimates by 5 months to meet the BEA's initiative to accelerate the release of its regional statistics. He has also spearheaded efforts within Regional Income Division to build and adopt the new Regional Income Processing System (RIPS) to conform to the BEA's effort to modernize its IT estimate processing systems.
He has a bachelor's degree in economics from George Mason University and a master's degree in economics from Virginia Tech University.
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