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Calibrating the Washington Economy
Data & Tools for Assessing Our State & Local Economies
May 11, 2007
Skagit Valley Casino
Skagit Valley, Washington
Description & Goals
Everyday our decisions for investing billions of public and private dollars depend on Federal economic statistics about our communities, counties, and state. What should Federal statistical agencies be doing to ensure that economic information is available in an accurate, timely, and readily accessible fashion? The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) generates gross domestic product by state, state and local area personal income, and regional economic multipliers.
In concert with the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Analysis Project, WWU's Center for Economic and Business Research is sponsoring this workshop to discuss the uses of regional economic data for policy making and planning and to solicit your comments for improvements. The workshop will help you, as a current or potential user, to better understand how to use and not use BEA economic statistics. It will also inform and help you to stay abreast on how BEA generated data can be a critical tool for development, planning, and budgeting.
Join business and government economists, forecasters, local and regional planners, transportation analysts, budget analysts, legislative staff, business journalist, economic development practitioners and academics. Learn about and discuss the statistical information needs of key users of economic data in the Northwest.
This forum will engage attendees in a set of learning opportunities to broaden their view and understanding of the variety of information and essential tools available to evaluate the economic infastructure of the Northwest economy.
This will be a unique opportunity for data users to share how they use the regional economic accounts data, and how the accounts can be strengthened to make their jobs easier.
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