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Navigating the Nevada Economy
Data & Tools for Understanding Our State & Our Local Economies
September 29th, 2009
University of Nevada, Reno
Description & Goals
One of the most fundamental underpinnings for developing sound strategies and well-grounded policies toward local and regional planning and economic development, either public or private, is the effective use and application of the most relevant and credible economic data.
You are cordially invited to join...
Invitation to Navigating Nevada this unique opportunity to network, share and learn how you can use BEA data and apply the Nevada Regional Economic Analysis Project to enhance your work and make your jobs easier.
This forum will engage attendees in a set of learning experiences and hands-on opportunities to broaden their understanding of the variety of regional data from Bureau of Economic Analysis and the essential tools available from the Nevada Regional Economic Analysis Project that will let you perform instant evaluation of economic trends and assessment the economic structure and performance of the Nevada economies - all at the click of a mouse. Above all...Bring Your Laptop and Make Sure Your Wireless Works!
Data Analysis Without Paralysis
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